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The Oasis (Summer Season) 오아시스(여름 시즌)

‘The Oasis,’ outdoor swimming pool designed with the concept of ‘place for vacation in downtown’ and ‘oasis,’ is an outdoor swimming pool presenting a perfect rest in downtown Seoul.

Entire place finished with natural materials such as stones and woods and the longer users stay, the more they feel comfortable. In winter, the place is transformed into ice link or sledge park and, at night, it is also transformed into romantic and fantastic place.

Also, 23 cabanas equipped with separate small pools, which bring into the feelings of overseas Banyantree resort pool-villa by exactly reproducing such pool-villa, is such private places that calling them outdoor suit is no hyperbole. Users can enjoy a more tranquil setting. It is also a good place to have a small party with lovers and families because dining tables are equipped.

2017 outdoor swimming pool summer season has ended.



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