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The Oasis (Summer Season) 오아시스(여름 시즌)

‘The Oasis,’ outdoor swimming pool designed with the concept of ‘place for vacation in downtown’ and ‘oasis,’ is an outdoor swimming pool presenting a perfect rest in downtown Seoul.

Entire place finished with natural materials such as stones and woods and the longer users stay, the more they feel comfortable. In winter, the place is transformed into ice link or sledge park and, at night, it is also transformed into romantic and fantastic place.

Also, 23 cabanas equipped with separate small pools, which bring into the feelings of overseas Banyantree resort pool-villa by exactly reproducing such pool-villa, is such private places that calling them outdoor suit is no hyperbole. Users can enjoy a more tranquil setting. It is also a good place to have a small party with lovers and families because dining tables are equipped.

In the Oasis Restaurant located in pool side, users can enjoy pool side barbeque buffet for lunch or dinner not to mention quick snack. In aqua bar, users wearing swimsuit do not have to get out of water when enjoying various cocktails on the waist-deep water slosh.

Operating Period & Hours

2017 Oasis Period
2017 Oasis Period June 1 - September 8
Cool Summer Season June 1 - July 14
*Excluding Weekends & Holidays
Hot Summer Season July 15 - September 8
* Including Cool Summer Season Weekends & Holidays
Operation Hours
Operating Hours
  Cool Summer Season Hot Summer Season
Swimmimg Pool 10:00 - 18:30 10:00 – 21:00
*Excluding Cool Summer Season Weekends & Holidays
Cabana at daytime 10:00 – 17:00
Cabana at nighttime June 1 - 30 / September 4 - 8 18:30 – 22:00
July 1 - September 3 18:30pm - 00:00
Food Trailer 11:00 – 22:00

Non-Members Guideline For Admission

Guideline For Admission
  • * Members, non-members with member, hotel guests: Day & night availability
    • - Members, non-members with member : Allowed in accordance with the provisions of the following conditions
  • * General customers (Non-membership)
    • - Available date: July 15 ~ September 9 / September 15~18, 23~25
    • - Available hour: 18:30 ~ 22:00
    • - Pool: Non-member is available to enter for KRW 25,000 in case of having Oasis BBQ Buffet.
    • - Cabana : Non-members are only available for night time (18:30~22:00)
Cool Summer Season, Hot Summer Season
  Non Peak Season
(with weekend & national
holidays excluded)
Peak Season
(with off-season weekend &
national holidays included)
Weekdays With non-membership
accompanied coupon applied
3 free coupons are available to use. 3 charged coupons are available to use.
Without non-membership
accompanied coupon
to be applied
Entrance fee should be paid. Non-members are not allowed to enter.
Weekend & national holidays Non-members are not available
Entry Fee Entry Fee: Adults KRW 80,000/ Child KRW 60,000
※Child: Ages 3 to 13 years old
  • * According to the non-membership accompanied policy, a registered member can bring two individuals the most (including a child) when trying to enter the club.
  • * Non-membership accompanied coupon
    For the customer's convenience, the coupon is not delivered by post but processed with the electronic system. As what we have done in the previous year, one registered member can be accompanied by non-membership for three times on weekdays during the cool summer Season free of charge and three times on weekdays during the hot summer season with a charge applied. You can check your status by the system at Welcome Center without the coupon.
  • * Non-member is not allowed to enter on weekends and holidays during entire summer season.
Guideline For Admission of Non-members
Guideline For Admission of Non-members
  Non Peak Season
(excludes weekends & holidays)
Peak Season
(includes weekends & holidays)
Day Night Day Night
Member or Member accompanied Non-member Swimming pool: free of charge up to 3 persons
Cabana: Up to maximum of capacity (Charged service)
Admission available Swimming pool: charged up to 3 persons
Cabana: Up to maximum of capacity (Charged service)
Admission available
Non-Members No admission
(Admission to guests)
Admission available No admission
(Admission to guests)
Admission available
Admission Fee of Non-members
Admission Fee of Non-members
  Non Peak Season
(Not available on Weekends & Holidays)
Peak Season
(Not available on Weekends)
Peak Season
(Available on Weekends)
Day Day Night
Non Members accompanying with Members Adult: ₩80,000
Child: ₩60,000
Adult: ₩80,000
Child: ₩60,000
Non-member is available to enter for KRW 25,000 in case of having Oasis BBQ Buffet.

카바나 이용안내

Cabana for Summer Season (~ 25 Sep) *VAT included
카바나 이용안내
Personnel Day(10:00~17:00) Night(18:30~22:00) Includes
Cabana For 4
KRW 620,000 Member: KRW 420,000
Non-member: KRW 510,000
  • -Day: Fruits Platter, Soft Drink, and 1 bottle of Champagne
  • - Night: Fruits Platter, Soft Drink, 1 bottle of Champagne or Vodka
Cabana For 6
KRW 790,000 Member: KRW 550,000
Non-member: KRW 660,000
Cabana For 8
KRW 980,000 Member: KRW 680,000
Non-member: KRW 820,000
  • -Day: Fruits Platter, Soft Drink, and 2 bottles of Champagne
  • - Night: Fruits Platter, 2 bottles of Champagne or 2 bottles of Vodka
Cabana For 12
KRW 1,200,000 Member: KRW 850,000
Non-member: KRW 1,020,000
Special Discount 20% Discount for Members (Mon~Thu) Discount in not available * Discount is not available during Peak Season (Jul 15 – Sep 25)
  • * The special price would be applied for Non-member who visit on Friday & Saturday July 1 – August 31.
  • * In case of cabana rental, entrance fees for non-members are included.
    Entrance fee for Non-member
    Day time: Adult KRW 80,000 / Child KRW 60,000
    Night time: Adult KRW 55,000 / Child KRW 45,000
    • -Reservation for Cabana : 02 2250 8087
    • -Reservations: You can make a reservation on 7 days prior to the usage date of the Cabana(9:00am - 10:00pm)
    • Cancellation Policy: Within 72 hours Cancellation Available
                                     Within 72 hours ~ 24 hours 50% Cancellation Charge
                                     Within 24 hours 100% Cancellation Charge
    • - Cabana Reservation: 02 2250 8087
    • * Cabana Floor Plan

The Oasis Usage Guidelines

The Oasis Usage Guidelines
  • 1Users can pay later for the expenses of cabana rental, food and drinks. (invoices will be mailed at the end of month)
  • 2Because of safety concerns, valet parking is only available at the entrance of club dong (Buggy service to welcome center is available)
  • 3In case of using cabana, if you want use sun-bed, please ask the staffs.
  • 4In case when users accompany with children aged 36 months and under, a guardian can enter and, in such case, non-member adult fee will be charged additionally.
  • 5Food purchased outside the premises is not permitted under the rule, otherwise, users may be ordered to leave.
  • 6Guest is allowed for 6 hours of free parking and free parking coupon for Cabana guests. (Valet fee is not included)
  • 7Guest is not allowed for photo shooting, filiming, and selling, products for any commercial use.


Telephone : 82-2-2250-8230, 8080
E-Mail :

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