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The Oasis (Summer Season) 오아시스(여름 시즌)

‘The Oasis,’ outdoor swimming pool designed with the concept of ‘place for vacation in downtown’ and ‘oasis,’ is an outdoor swimming pool presenting a perfect rest in downtown Seoul.

Entire place finished with natural materials such as stones and woods and the longer users stay, the more they feel comfortable. In winter, the place is transformed into ice link or sledge park and, at night, it is also transformed into romantic and fantastic place.

Also, 23 cabanas equipped with separate small pools, which bring into the feelings of overseas Banyantree resort pool-villa by exactly reproducing such pool-villa, is such private places that calling them outdoor suit is no hyperbole. Users can enjoy a more tranquil setting. It is also a good place to have a small party with lovers and families because dining tables are equipped.

Operating Period & Hours

2017 Oasis Period
2017 Oasis Period June 1 - September 8
Cool Summer Season June 1 - July 15
*Weekends and Holidays Not Included
Hot Summer Season July 15 - September 8
*Includes Cool Summer Season, Weekends and Holidays
Operation Hours
Operating Hours
  Cool Summer Season Hot Summer Season
Swimmimg Pool 10:00 - 18:30 10:00 – 21:00
*Excluding Cool Summer Season Weekends & Holidays
Cabana at daytime 10:00 – 17:00
Cabana at nighttime June 1 - 30 / September 4 - 8 18:30 – 22:00
July 1 - September 3 18:30pm - 00:00
Outdoor Kitchen 11:00 – 22:00

For Non-members

For Non-members
For Non-members
  Cool Summer Season
(Weekends & Holidays Excluded)
Hot Summer Season
(Weekends & Holidays Included)
Weekdays With coupon Free coupon - able to be used 3 times Free coupon - able to be used 3 times
Without coupon Non-members admissions cost Unavailable for non-members
Weekends and Holidays Unavailable for non-members
Entrance fee Cool Summer Season
(Weekends & Holidays Excluded)
Day Adults 80,000won
Children 60,000won
Hot Summer Season
(Weekends Excluded)
Day Adults KRW 80,000
Children KRW 60,000
Hot Summer Season
(Weekends Included)
Night Non-members Outdoor Kitchen buffet cost
KRW 25,000 per person (with use of pool)
  • Depending on the regulations relating to non-members, with the entry of a non-member, each member may be accompanied by 2 children.
  • ※ For guests convenience a coupon will be sent digitally rather than by mail.
    As with the previous year, each member will receive 3 off-season, weekday free passes and 3 peak season weekday passes (fee) allowing them to bring non-members.
    If you do not have the coupon, you may inquire electronically at the Welcome Center.

Cabana Rental Information

Cabana Rental Information
Cabana Day
Night (6:30pm-10:00pm) Night (6:30pm-12:00am) Included
For 4 people 620,000 Members: KRW 420,000
KRW 510,000 (Sun-Thurs)
/ KRW 620,000 (Fri-Sat)
Members: KRW 660,000
KRW 810,000 (Sun-Thurs)
/ KRW 980,000 (Fri-Sat)
  • Day: Fruit platter, drinks, 1 bottle of champagne
  • Night: Oasis Cabana Platter, Drink, 1 bottle of champagne or 1 bottle of vodka
For 6 people 790,000 Members: KRW 550,000
KRW 660,000 (Sun-Thurs)
/ KRW 800,000 (Fri-Sat)
Members: KRW 870,000
KRW 1,040,000 (Sun-Thurs)
/ KRW 1,250,0,000 (Fri-Sat)
For 8 people 980,000 Members: KRW 680,000
KRW 820,000 (Sun-Thurs)
/ KRW 990,000 (Fri-Sat)
Members: KRW 1,070,000
KRW 1,290,000 (Sun-Thurs)
/ KRW 1,560,000 (Fri-Sat)
  • Day: Fruit platter, drinks, 2 bottles of champagne
  • Night: Oasis Cabana Platter, Drink, 2 bottles of champagne or vodka
For 12 people 1,200,000 Members: KRW 850,000
KRW 1,020,000 (Sun-Thurs)
/ KRW 1,230,000 (Fri-Sat)
Members: KRW 1,340,000
KRW 1,610,000 (Sun-Thurs)
/ KRW 1,940,000 (Fri-Sat)
Special Discount Cool Summer (Mon-Fri) 20% off Discount not applicable
  • * In case of cabana rental, entrance fees for non-members are included.
    • Entrance fee for Non-member
    • Day time: Adult KRW 80,000 / Child KRW 60,000
    • Night time: Adult KRW 55,000 / Child KRW 45,000
  • -Reservations: You can make a reservation on 7 days prior to the usage date of the Cabana(9:00am - 10:00pm)
  • Cancellation Policy: Within 72 hours Cancellation Available Within 72 hours ~ 24 hours 50% Cancellation Charge Within 24 hours 100% Cancellation Charge
  • - Cabana Reservation: 02 2250 8087

Outdoor Kitchen Information

Outdoor Kitchen Information
Outdoor Kitchen Information
Lunch (11:00am-6:00pm)
(Last order 5:30pm)
 A la carte menu 
Dinner (6:00pm-10:00pm)
(Last order 9:30pm)
July 1 - August 31 Barbeque Hours
Other Hours Fri, Sat, Sun, Holidays Barbeque Hours
Weekday Single Menu Hours
Barbeque Price Information
Barbeque Price Information
General (Non-members) Adults: KRW 99,000
Children: KRW 8,000
Members 15% discount + 1% membership point

Oasis Rules & Regulations

Oasis Rules & Regulations
  • 1For safety reasons the only valet parking available is at the Club Building entrance. (Shuttle is available to the Welcome Center.)
  • 2If you would like to use a cabana or sunbed, please inquire with the staff.
  • 3Each child under 36 months of age must be accompanied by one adult guardian and they are subject to the same fee structure as the adult non-member admission fee.
  • 4Bringing in food or drink is strictly prohibited. Violation may result in expulsion.
  • 5Pool guests receive 6 hours of free parking. Cabana guests receive a free parking certificate. (Valet costs extra.)
  • 6Oasis Pool and Cabanas are a business venture, therefore guests are not permitted to sell commercial goods or take video for business purposes without permission.



Telephone : 82-2-2250-8230
E-Mail :


Telephone : 82-2-2250-8087
E-Mail :