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Crystal Ballroom 크리스탈 볼룸

Crystal ballroom on the 1st floor is decorated with 20,000 pieces of swarovsky crystals and it is splendid and elegant banquet hall with magnificent beauty. As well as private event such as wedding and 1st birthday etc., we can hold various company promotions such as business seminars, new item launching events etc. Professional banquet planner supports you for any event from palnning stage. It can be devided into 2 sections depends on the size of event and characteristics so, you can use the space variously considering the situation and characteristics of the event.

Facilities Information

Location The Hotel 1F
Total Area Banquet (490 sqm), Classroom (250 sqm), Reception (160 sqm)
Crystal Ballroom Capacity
  Crystal Ballroom Crystal BallroomⅠ Crystal BallroomⅡ
Banquet Round 280 100 90
Classroom 290 100 90
Reception 350 200 100


Telephone : 82-2-2250-8000
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