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Application 신청

For members of Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul, you can enjoy special benefits and services only for members. Please check our membership joining procedure.

Application Procedure

가입신청및 계약 절차는 아래와 같습니다.
  1. Step1 Submission of Application and Documents
  2. Step2 Deliberation by Club(3 Days)
  3. Step3 Confirmation of Membership & Signing the Subscription Agreement
  4. Step4 Completion of Membership Admission
Step 1 After the recommendation process, fill out and submit the application from along with supporting documentation.
Step 2 All applications must undergo deliberation by the membership committee and candidates are notified of result.
Step 3 Once approved for membership, deposit enrollment fees into the designed Club bank account. After payment of enrollment fees, is to draw up the membership contract.
Step 4 Enrollment application and submit the enrollment agreement, contract procedure is complete.

반얀트리 클럽 앤 스파 서울 회원권 Membership Type

Membership Type
Membership Type Division
Regular Membership | Principle
Additional Adult
Additional Adult
Corporate Membership
1 Adult
2 Adult
3 Adult

회원 가입 시 구비서류 Reauired Documents

Required Documents
Membership Type Required Documents Number of Member
Individual / Family Resident Registration Certificate
Family Relationship Certificate
2 Photoes / 1 Person
A Copy of Identification Card
Application Form
Corporate Business Registration certificate
Authentication Certificate of Corporate Seal
Contact Informaion of the person
in charge of Corporate Membership

멤버십 문의

Telephone : 02-2250-8099
E-Mail :

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