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Banyan Tree CSR Strategy

  • Eco-friendly Strategy

    • Banyan Tree reestablished Bang Tao Bay used to be little more than a ruin into Laguna Phuket of today. Reestablishment project of Bang Tao Bay is the beginning of sustainable eco-friendly business of Banyan Tree.
    • To preserve environment where Banyan Tree is located is our mission.
    • We use natural materials for interior design and unique local technique for building.
  • Community support

    • We only use the goods from community where Banyan Tree is located
    • We create job opportunities for local people from the preparation stage.
    • We purchase and use the goods from community.
    • We try to arrange the way of profit generation for community through the partnership with Banyan Tree Gallery.
  • Green Alert fundraising

    • Banyan Tree created Green Alert fundraisingin 2001.
    • Green Alert fundraising is for financial support to restore and revive polluted natural environment and various projects for environment protection under Green Alert fundraising has been currently underway.

CSR History of Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul

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