Family Party

Family PartyFamily

A variety of indoor and outdoor venues and professional services are available for successful events of various purposes and sizes such as family gatherings, first birthday parties, and engagements.

Telephone    02-2250-8000     |     E-Mail
Capacity Inquiry
Crystal Ballroom 100 02-2250-8057, 8048
Festa Hall 30~70 02-2250-8057, 8048
Feta by mingoo PDR 12 02-2250-8170
Club Member’s Restaurant 10 02-2250-8157


Banyan Tree Club and Spa Seoul will prepare all types of family parties with the Crystal Ballroom for large events, private venues that are great for holding a small parties, and outdoor venues with the scenic view of Namsan.


Banyan Tree Club and Spa Seoul will bring culinary delights to meaningful events by carefully reflecting your preference. The event will be completed with the menu prepared by the hotel chefs using the best ingredients of the day.