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Reservation Refund Policy

Reservation available date and time

1. Except room reservation, all online reservation service from Banyan Tree should be made 72 hours(3 days) before check-in date at latest and revision and cancellation is also available.
2. But, in case of Tennis Court , Basketball Court, Futsal Field, reservation is available one week before the date you want to use.
3. Online reservation revision and cancellation are unavailable within 72 hours(3 days) before the use date of facilities and promotion date you want to participate. For any changes, please contact the staff in charge of each facility or promotion.

Penalty for Reservation/Payment cancellation

1. After online reservation completed, if you don't show up on the date or do not want to use facilities for your personal reason, you won't be able to use online reservation service temporarily. If you have any unavoidable circumstances, please contact us in advance.
2. Please kindly understand the cancellation charge will be made when you want to cancel the payment for online reservation. Please contact the staff in charge for more details.