The Steak of Granum

Granum Dining Lounge presents The Steak of Granum which will make your dinner more special.
Granum chef's grilled juicy steak with savory menus will provide the ultimate texture and flavor.

Reservation & Inquiry

02 2250 8000
  • Period * 2022. 11. 25 ~ 2023. 12. 23 (On - going)
    * 2022. 12. 24 ~ 2023. 3. 26 (Mon - Thu)
    * Except for Public Holidays
  • Hours 18:00 ~ 22:00 (Last Order 20:30)
  • Menu & Price Black Angus Tomahawk (1.3kg) KRW 250,000 for 2
    Black Angus T-Bone (1kg) KRW 220,000 for 2
    Prime Ribeye Steak (600g) KRW 210,000 for 2
    Prime Striploin Steak (600g) KRW 200,000 for 2
    Herb-Crusted Rack of Lamb (1.2kg) KRW 230,000 for 2

    *The steak platter is served with savory menu and homemade gourmet butter.
  • Venue Granum Dining Lounge


Mont St. Clair Christmas Special Cakes

Mont St. Clair presents a collection of holiday cakes to celebrate festive season.

KRW 70,000 ~

Warm Heart - Jeju-do

The Club Member's Restaurant introduces local delicacies of the province.

~ 2022-08-01

KRW 32,000 for 1 person

Festive Lunch & Dinner

Enjoy course menus to celebrate year-end season at Festa by mingoo.

2020-12-18 ~ 2021-12-18

From KRW 95,000

Sweet Moonlight

Enjoy a romantic winter night with Italy wine and sharing platter under the moonlight.

2020-01-01 ~ 2023-02-28

KRW 240,000

Very Vary Berry Dessert Buffet

Enjoy Very Vary Berry Dessert Buffet with fresh strawberries that are juicy, plump and sweetness.

Adult KRW 82,000 / Child KRW 62,000

Afternoon Tea Set 'Strawberry Edition'

Enjoy a sweet relaxing afternoon tea time at Granum Dining Lounge where the warm sunlight brightens up your day.

KRW 89,000 for 2

Beverage Society – Whisky

Moon Bar with a scenic view of Seoul presents Beverage Society promotion that certainly suits the season.

KRW 125,000 for 1 person

Turkey to Go

Enjoy 'Turkey to Go' set comprising of roasted turkey, assorted side dishes and fine wine.

KRW 400,000

Choice Lunch & Tasting Dinner

Enjoy Choice Lunch and Tasting Dinner course at Festa by mingoo.

Lunch KRW 90,000 / Dinner KRW 160,000

Club Special - EobogJaengban

The Club Member’s Restaurant is offering a hot pot with boiled beef slices perfect for the cold weather.

~ 2022-11-01

KRW 85,000 for 2

Seasons Table

Enjoy 'Seasons Table', a salad bar made up of seasonal vegetables and soups.

KRW 65,000 for 1

The Steak of Granum

Enjoy the genuine taste of steak platter at the Granum Dining Lounge.

From KRW 200,000

‘For my parents’ & ‘For my Fiance’

Moon Bar presents Propose & Anniversary package for couples.

KRW 490,000

Wedding After Party

Moon Bar presents romantic wedding after party package for your wedding day.

From KRW 88,000 per person