Private BBQ Dinner

Moon Bar’s outdoor terrace located on the top floor of Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul offers Private BBQ Dinner promotion. Enjoy a private gathering with juicy grilled BBQ at Moon Bar where the cool breeze of Namsan blows. A powerful sound of 'XBOOM 360' and 'Room & TV' creates an enjoyable outdoor atmosphere.

Reservation & Inquiry

02 2250 8000
  • Period 2022. 4. 1 (Fri) ~ 10. 31 (Mon)
    *Reservation required 3 days in advance
  • Hour 18:00 ~ 22:00
  • Menu BBQ Platter (Beef striploin, lamb chops, jumbo shrimp, chicken, sausage, vegetables), salad, desserts
    Beer 8 BTL
    Evian 4 BTL
    * KRW 100,000 will be charged when changing from beer to champagne
    * KRW 250,000 will be charged when changing from beer to whisky
    * KRW 350,000 will be charged when the chef service requested
    * KRW 100,000 will be charged when the assigned seat with jacuzzi requested
  • Price KRW 460,000 for 4 people
    *KRW 110,000 per additional person
  • Venue Moon Bar 20F outdoor terrace


Mont St. Clair Christmas Special Cakes

Mont St. Clair presents a collection of holiday cakes to celebrate festive season.

KRW 70,000 ~

Warm Heart - Jeju-do

The Club Member's Restaurant introduces local delicacies of the province.

~ 2022-08-01

KRW 32,000 for 1 person

Festive Lunch & Dinner

Enjoy course menus to celebrate year-end season at Festa by mingoo.

2020-12-18 ~ 2021-12-18

From KRW 95,000

Sweet Moonlight

Enjoy a romantic winter night with Italy wine and sharing platter under the moonlight.

2020-01-01 ~ 2023-02-28

KRW 240,000

Very Vary Berry Dessert Buffet

Enjoy Very Vary Berry Dessert Buffet with fresh strawberries that are juicy, plump and sweetness.

Adult KRW 82,000 / Child KRW 62,000

Afternoon Tea Set 'Strawberry Edition'

Enjoy a sweet relaxing afternoon tea time at Granum Dining Lounge where the warm sunlight brightens up your day.

KRW 89,000 for 2

Beverage Society – Whisky

Moon Bar with a scenic view of Seoul presents Beverage Society promotion that certainly suits the season.

KRW 125,000 for 1 person

Turkey to Go

Enjoy 'Turkey to Go' set comprising of roasted turkey, assorted side dishes and fine wine.

KRW 400,000

Choice Lunch & Tasting Dinner

Enjoy Choice Lunch and Tasting Dinner course at Festa by mingoo.

Lunch KRW 90,000 / Dinner KRW 160,000

Club Special - EobogJaengban

The Club Member’s Restaurant is offering a hot pot with boiled beef slices perfect for the cold weather.

~ 2022-11-01

KRW 85,000 for 2

Seasons Table

Enjoy 'Seasons Table', a salad bar made up of seasonal vegetables and soups.

KRW 65,000 for 1

The Steak of Granum

Enjoy the genuine taste of steak platter at the Granum Dining Lounge.

From KRW 200,000

‘For my parents’ & ‘For my Fiance’

Moon Bar presents Propose & Anniversary package for couples.

KRW 490,000

Wedding After Party

Moon Bar presents romantic wedding after party package for your wedding day.

From KRW 88,000 per person