The Club

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The Club

For the first time in Korea, Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul provides advanced club services- Heritage Club Members- a place where new club culture of noblesse membership and its membership continues for third or fourth generations of members.

We invite you to this special community, which is located in the site of 69,000 square meters and represents the best upper classes from politics, economy and social and culture.

Urban resort for club and family

Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul has grown with full support from our members since its grand opening in 2010 combining "Sanctuary for the Senses", Banyan Tree philosophy, advanced club culture and Korean family culture ideally. Taking the chance of new start as a member of HYUNDAI group in 2012, we're growing to be the best urban family type resort hotel for leaders in this era.

Noblesse Membership Club Culture

Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul has created inimitably unique club culture through the active participation of opinion leaders leading our society in many different fields. Especially, reputation of family heritage club carrying on for 3-4 generations after family members join together has been raised up. Various social clubs with voluntary participation, many programs for members and Partnership∙discount benefits make club culture of Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul special and enriched.

Noblesse Membership Club for opinion leaders

Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul is the first high-end social club in Korea and it is well-known for club culture of opinion leaders leading this era. After launching in 2007, businessmen, professionals, celebrities etc. from various fields such as economy, culture, art and so on signed up and they communicate each other and enjoy the resting together sharing hobbies and leisure time.

Family Heritage Club for the value of family

Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul respects the value of family and aims to be the family club for 3-4 generations. While parents and children sign up for family members and enjoy various facilities and programs, they can build up love and trust between family members. Especially, Kids club for children and family programs are very active and they are gaining positive responses from members.

Active Social club activity and various membership programs

Social clubs of Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul are very active by members having the same hobby or interests. There are many social clubs such as sports∙leisure, culture∙art, hobby class category etc. We also offer regular∙occasional programs and open different events and friendship meetings to make them activated and give members satisfaction

Partnership-Discount benefits for members

Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul offers various benefits to members. You can enjoy club, Festa, Hotel, Oasis, Outdoor facilities, Banquet and other services with discounted price or free of charge and you can also get the chance to have discount or privileges for other clubs, resorts, travel agencies, general hospitals etc. through our partnership. We issue newsletters for members only to deliver the useful information on updated programs and promotions quickly.

Membership Type

Regular Membership
- Individual Member
- Family Member
- Corporation Member

Application Procefure

1. Submission of Application and Documents
After the recommendation process, fill out and submit the application from along with supporting documentation.

2. Deliberation by Club(3 Days)
All applications must undergo deliberation by the membership committee and candidates are notified of result.

3. Confirmation of Membership & Signing the Subscription Agreement
Once approved for membership, deposit enrollment fees into the designed Club bank account. After payment of enrollment fees, is to draw up the membership contract.

4. Completion of Membership Admission
Enrollment application and submit the enrollment agreement, contract procedure is complete.

Required Documents

Individual / Family
- Resident Registration Certificate
- Family Relationship Certificate

- Business Registration certificate
- Authentication Certificate of Corporate Seal
- Contact Informaion of the person
- in charge of Corporate Membership

Number of Member
- 1 Photo / 1 Person
- A Copy of Identification Card
- Application Form

Consulting & Tour Application
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