Banyan Tree Seoul's colorful gastronomic space in the arms of Namsan will take you on a gourmet tour in the city with a menu carefully prepared by chefs.

Granum Dining Lounge

The Granum Dining Lounge, located on the first floor of the hotel, is an all-day dining restaurant with dignified granite walls and a glamorous sunshine that enters through windows.
In the morning, a healthy breakfast buffet is prepared for guests and members, and for lunch and dinner, a la carte menus and a sharing platter of main dish, antipasto, and dessert, and a steak platter with special welcome food are served.
At lunch, you can experience “Seasons Table”, a salad bar made up of seasonal vegetables and soup.



  • Saffron x Granum Weekend Table

    Banyan Tree Phuket's signature restaurant, Saffron, is visiting the Granum Dining Lounge.

    Adult KRW 149,000 / Child KRW 79,000

    2024.04.06(Sat) ~ 2024.06.30(Sun)

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  • Afternoon Tea Set 'Spring Edition'

    Enjoy the afternoon tea time with a cup of tea with a nice scent and sweet desserts which will enrich your afternoon.

    KRW 99,000 for 2

    2024.04.01(Mon) ~ 2024.06.30(Sun)

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  • Granum Cherry House

    Experience a unique buffet featuring fresh Cherries in season at Granum Dining Lounge

    Adult KRW 139,000 / Child KRW 79,000

    2024.07.06(Sat) ~ 2024.09.01(Sun)

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  • Summer Afternoon Tea Set

    Enjoy the afternoon tea time with a cup of tea with sweet cherry desserts.

    KRW 99,000 for 2

    2024.07.01(Mon) ~ 2024.09.01(Sun)

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  • Seasons Table

    Enjoy 'Seasons Table', a salad bar made up of seasonal vegetables and soups.

    KRW 65,000 for 1

    On going

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  • The Steak of Granum

    Enjoy the genuine taste of steak platter at the Granum Dining Lounge.

    From KRW 220,000 for 2

    On going

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