A variety of facilities are available,
including a fitness centre,
sauna and spa for club members.

Golf Range

You can be the best player in Banyan Tree with high-end facilities. Banyan Tree Golf Range is equipped with 2 stories, 25 hitting places, cutting edge of 3D screen golf place and golf shop. With an 80-yard driving range, the Golf Driving Range will satisfy golf lovers of all abilities and personal lessons are available as well through well-designed programs from a head coach.

  • Location

    The Festa 1F

  • Hours

    06:00 - 22:00

  • Monthly Closing Day

    Every first Tuesday of the month is the monthly closing day.

  • Facility

    25 hitting places
    4 hitting places with a swing analyzer
    3 hitting places with a swing analyzer
    3D screen golf place

  • Information

    Paid entry for staying guest
    - 60 min: KRW 33,000

  • Reservation & Inquiry

    Telephone : 02-2250-8125