The Club

The Club

For the first time in Korea, Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul provides advanced club services- Heritage Club Members- a place
where new club culture of noblesse membership and its membership continues for third or fourth generations of members.

We invite you to this special community, which is located in the site of 69,000 square meters and represents the best upper
from politics, economy and social and culture.

  • Embark on a revitalizing journey

    Embark on a revitalizing journey each morning by cultivating your health and vitality amidst a diverse array of fitness amenities.
    Immerse yourself in an indoor swimming pool, basking in the embrace of invigorating natural light.
    Elevate your workout routine within a state-of-the-art fitness centre and refine your golf prowess on a meticulously designed range,
    guided by personalized lessons to unlock your full potential as a player.
    Engage in an active and dynamic outdoor lifestyle on our multi-court,
    catering to a spectrum of activities, from spirited basketball matches to various other outdoor pursuits.
    The Club beckons, promising a vibrant and tailored lifestyle exclusively for you.

  • Indulge in the urban sanctuary

    Indulge in the urban sanctuary, where the Oasis outdoor swimming pool beckons as the premier haven for relaxation amidst the bustling city. On summer days, the Oasis provides perfect relaxation in the heart of the city offering the panoramic view of Namsan accompanied by a rejuvenating breeze. As winter blankets the city, the Oasis transforms into a charming ice rink, crafting cherished memories against a backdrop of urban enchantment. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable journey, making every moment a celebration of the urban oasis.

  • Savor a day of leisure

    Savor a day of leisure at The Club Member’s Restaurant, where a cozy ambiance harmonizes with hearty meals featuring selected Korean ingredients.
    Relish the culinary offerings in a comfortable setting that caters to diverse palates.
    The Club Members Lounge, overlooking downtown Seoul, invites you to unwind in a tranquil space filled with the subtle aroma of freshly brewed coffee.
    Immerse yourself in the unhurried symphony of leisure savoring the moments of relaxation and sipping tea.

  • Cultivate a lifelong friendship

    Establish a lifelong friendship with The Club, where a convergence of cultural and thought leaders shapes the essence of club culture. Participate in the 'Blink' business network, fostering synergies and collaborative opportunities among members. The Kids Club, designed to stimulate children's senses through diverse programs, facilitates the formation of friendships and shared childhood memories. Cultivate meaningful moments with lifelong friends at The Club, where time unfolds as a valuable relationship of connections and experiences.

Partnership-Discount benefits for members

Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul offers various benefits to members.
You can enjoy club, Festa, Hotel, Oasis, Outdoor facilities,
Banquet and other services with discounted price or free of charge
and you can also get the chance to have discount or privileges for
other clubs, resorts, travel agencies, general hospitals etc. through
our partnership. We issue newsletters for members only to deliver
the useful information on updated programs and promotions quickly.